Be kind to yourself

I can be terribly rude when talking to myself. It's easy to judge when you're just an inner voice with no real way of doing anything. Besides, nobody knows me better than myself. I know all my weaknesses, and it's only a matter of a few sentences to make me feel like a failure. A few years ago, that kind of "encouragement" would have been really helpful. I couldn't really relax because of the constant pressure from myself. It forced me to act on the problem. It may not have been the best approach, but it certainly worked.
Now I have to remind myself that I'm not the old me. There's no need for the tension. I have already achieved more than I ever dreamed of. I take care of all the aspects of life that don't work, every day. I don't have to participate in the rat race. I don't have to be constantly involved in revolutionary projects, bright ideas and life-changing activities. There's time for personal development and time for leisure. If I don't feel like working in my spare time, I should just let it go instead of worrying about it.
Be kind to yourself. Have as much patience for your actions as you do for the actions of others. There's no need to hate yourself. Keep your mind clear and appreciate where you are now. It's not going to magically disappear after a period of stagnation.
What I want is a healthy relationship with myself. I'm quick to forget my successes, while all my failures tend to pop up whenever I'm vulnerable. But I see the problem and understand where it comes from. Next time I'll be prepared. No more fighting with myself - from now on it's a battle between me and the circumstances beyond my control. And what do we do with them? Ignore them!