Appreciation post

I've always wanted to create a separate page for a huge list of things I'm grateful for, but today, this modest blog post will do. In the future, I believe this writing will be a great introduction to the movement, I want to introduce into my life. But until then, I'm going to use this medium as a way to express myself, and how I feel about things that accompany me in my daily life.
  • I'm grateful for hot, running water - I can't imagine life without a relaxing shower.
  • I'm grateful for my KRK Rokit 7 active studio monitors. It has been the best purchase of my entire life, and listening to music outside of my apartment feels dull most of the time.
  • I'm grateful for the delicious Pad Thai my girlfriend makes every week. I can't stop dancing with my upper body while eating, it's so good!
  • I'm grateful to be such a wonderful person. I've hated myself my whole life, so the love I feel now, is often quite overwhelming.
  • I'm grateful for all my present, and past friends. I love every one of them. I would gladly share every name that comes to my mind, but I really want to put more thought into this idea - I believe each person needs at least a section on my page.
  • I'm grateful for my current love, and all my girlfriends from the past. I was a pretty horrible person back then. I really appreciate that I had wonderful women in my life who cared about me, and loved me for who I was.
  • I'm grateful for the internet. Shit's crazy! It's incredible to have so much knowledge at your fingertips, all you have to do is pick up your phone!
  • I'm grateful for all the places I've worked. Each one brings back good memories, and I really appreciate how wholesome my colleagues and bosses were.
  • I'm grateful for tools like NextJS, Contentful and Vercel - and they're COMPLETELY FREE! It's incredible! Building and deploying this site has been such a pleasure!
  • I'm grateful for my favourite artist of them all, Left Boy (sorry Taco Hemingway & Mac Miller, you can only fall in love once). I've never been the type to follow the private life of the musician, but here we are - I know everything about this guy (and there's not much to find on the internet).
  • I'm grateful for the pirated copy of Photoshop, that my uncle gave me for my birthday, when I was in primary school. I think it accelerated my whole career as a graphic designer, and then as a software engineer.
  • I'm grateful for Spotify. When I was young, it was so difficult to access or find music. Now I find so much good stuff out there that stays with me for years. And the old stuff is so accessible. Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.
  • I'm grateful for Todoist. My life has never been so organised, and tackling todos so fulfilling.
  • I'm grateful for my parents. We have had our ups and downs, but for a while now, we have managed to remove the toxicity from our lives. All that's left is love, and I really appreciate that. I can't imagine my life without them!
  • I'm grateful for the Ted Lasso TV series. Oh God, I have never watched anything so wholesome! The characters were always so mature! And I was either crying or smiling most of the time, while watching it. I really recommend this show to everyone.
Haha, that's enough for now. I hope I haven't bored you to death. I'm really grateful for a lot of things that happen in my life. Sometimes I forget to appreciate it all, and it is nice to be reminded of what is important. It's good to be here. Cheers!